Te Tufuga ta Tatau
Sulu’ape Pili Mo’o

Tatau Master

Thank you for visiting my page…

Maybe you heard about it from a friend or social media, and that got you curious, or maybe it’s because the tradition spoke to you and brought you here… Regardless of the various reasons you could find yourself here, thank you for being here and welcome into my world.

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Only your trust makes it happen !!!!

Getting a traditional Tatau, is a spiritual, emotional and physical experience…
I have done and will always do the best I can in spirit and energy not to fail you or your given faith in my craft…


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i got your back

The story of your traditional Tatau will be with you for life and does not end once your Tatau is finished…
So if you have any doubts, fears or questions,
I am always a phone call/email away.

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Receiving traditional Tatau is a very personal and deep experience.

A free, half-hour consultation via Skype, What’s App, or FaceTime is not only necessary but essential to the visceral nature of the total experience and so much more: “not so impersonal” as an email would be…

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