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Talofa Lava!


Thank you for visiting my page
Maybe you’ve heard about it, maybe it’s because you’re curious, or because you have a real interest… Regardless, thank you for being here  and welcome into my world.

“Only your trust makes it happen!!!… Thank you for putting yours in my Tatau and bring it to life!!!
I/we just capture it…” (S. Pili Mo’o)




Created by Gods and gifted to Humanity, Tatau is: “Writing the Spirit on the Body…”
It is how I got it, it is how I learned and received it, how I’m giving and sharing it… It is all about belief…

“One can give, only if the other one knows how to receive.” (S. Pili Mo’o)

Thank You for Your Confidence

 Getting a traditional Tatau, is a spiritual, emotional and physical experience…

I have and will always do the best I can in spirit and energies to not fail you or the given faith in my craft…

“I am not going to do what you want… I am not going to do what I want either, I am just going to humbly do what you should receive.” (Sua Sulu’ape Paulo II)


Father, nothing would ever happen without You choosing me, sharing your knowledge, your passion with me and teaching me your “way of life.”…

Thank you for your Faith in me, your Love and Belief, I will never forget and always be grateful… Following your path as you asked me to protect…

Fa’a Fetai Tele Lava Sua Sulu’ape Paulo II !!!

The Traditional Tatau Experience

The Tatau experience is about sharing… First with yourself, then sharing with us, all creating a fusion of “one” … Searching out the total synthesis… with your confidence and trust, my indispensable Solo and I (your people) we, as a perfect team, will serve this, almost 3 millennium old, wonderful energy, “write your spirit on your body” and make Tatau alive…



Receiving traditional Tatau is a very personal and deep experience.

A free, half hour consultation via Skype, is not only necessary but essential to the visceral nature of the total experience and so much more: “not so impersonal” as an email would be…

Contact me for an appointment.

I Got Your Back

The story of your traditional Tatau will be with you for life

and does not end once your Tatau is finished…

So if you have any doubts, fears or questions,

I am always a phone call/email away.

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